Monday, February 19, 2007

Scary Fish Nursery

Pixel toddler or crib set. I would just buy the toddler set and save the exta $130. You can buy a plain white crib skirt and bumper if you feel you need one. The really cute bumper pad that came with my crib set is stored underneath the crib. I don't care for them because you can't see your baby when he/she is in the crib and the baby cannot see you. The toddler set comes with a sheet (crib size) comforter and pillow sham. Most people do not use a pillow or a comforter in their crib but you can use these later when you convert to a toddler bed. Yes, that means you are spending $150 for a sheet, but it's a real cool sheet and everyone will ask you where you found it!
$150 at Pacifier Online
Platform crib that also converts to a toddler bed. See, no crib skirt required.
$949 available at

Floor lamp, in stores and online
$19 at Target
Chalkboard for art, draw a nice scary fish pic for your kiddo
$32 at Modernseed

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