Friday, March 23, 2007

Searching For A Stroller That Won't Break My Back

In my recent search for the perfect lightweight stroller, I have found that most lightweight strollers suck. I am in love with my full size Inglesina Zippy stroller because it is so easy to fold and unfold, the recline is easy and it maneuvers like a dream. I will use the Zippy for the mall and the park and other extended outings, but I want something I can whip out of the car for quick trips.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately wanted a Bugaboo. They look cool, versatile and the colors are great. I went to Neiman Marcus and was surprised by the size of the Bugaboo. It seemed kind of big to me. I wheeled it around the children's department and I have to say, it was a real smooth stroll. I then tried to figure out how to fold it up as this stroller would definitely not fit in my car in it's upright position. I asked for a demonstration from the eager sales woman. The poor sales woman had such a hard time with the Bugaboo that I decided it might not be the stroller for me after all. The Bugaboo seemed more like a city stroller to me, not a mall hopping Dallas stroller. I was going to have a hard time explaining this purchase to my husband if I couldn't even get it out of the car. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a great stroller I just couldn't see spending the money on it and being totally happy with it.

I had heard about the one hand fold Zippy and decided to go ahead and buy one online. I am very happy with it. The features are amazing and it is totally lightweight (17 lbs) compared to the Graco strollers (20+lbs).

Maybe it's just because I am obsessed with strollers, or because my back has been killing me from all of the lifting of the Zippy out of the back of my car, but I have decided it is time to purchase a lightweight stroller. After much shopping online and in stores for test drives, here are my reviews:

Peg Perago Aria OH $199- Awesome stroller, one hand fold, super light weight, too big for me. This truly is a great stroller. Now I know why so many people have them. This is practically a full size stroller. I am not into all of the plastic on this stroller but I guess that is what makes it so lightweight. The colors were not so great either. I am real sick of the Peg Perago color schemes. Please give us something new in the Aria. I swear if a better color were available, I would have probably bought this stroller. DULL DULL DULL.

Maclaren Triumph $175 - Great looking stroller. Good colors, I loved the crimson color, ok stroll, not into the fold (I guess you get used to it) and the recline was awful. The price was the kicker on this one. I just didn't feel like this stroller was worth $175. I see a lot of Maclaren strollers out there, so I know people really like them. The fabric is nice, they are super light and they look good but for the price, they lack some important features.

Inglesina Swift $119 - The one I purchased - Many of the same features as the Maclaren and the Peg Perago strollers. Not nearly as nice as the Aria, but much smaller in size and almost half the price. The fabric is not as nice at the Maclaren, but the features are better for me. This came down to the price. You can't beat the features that this stroller has and the price of $119. Ok fold- similar to the Maclaren, super easy four position recline, lightweight, nice stroll. The 2007 Swifts also have a cute mod color scheme. I chose Ebano (black with silver squares). So far I am happy and baby is happy with this stroller.

Some others I tried out:
Chicco - not an easy fold, decent stroll, semi light weight, recline not so great $
Combi - easy fold, not a great stroll, really light weight, recline not so great$$
RockStar Candy -not an easy fold, decent stroll, semi light weight, the recline feature is great$$$

I like for their great selection of strollers and free shipping on most items.

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