Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Venting About Avent

We used the bottle last night with the sippy nipple and she took it. She was totally reluctant and looked at me like I was crazy at first, but when she realized that was the only way she was going to get her milk, she accepted it. There was some fussiness later right before bed but she went to sleep just fine. I can't see these bottles/sippys lasting more than a few months, but hopefully at that point, we will have moved on to some big girl sippys. A+ for weening your baby off of the bottle and probably good for weening off the boob too.

I hate Avent bottles. They suck. After dealing with these bottles for nearly a year, I have had it. We are trying to ween my daughter off the bottle which she dearly loves, so giving these up now and buying new bottles seems ridiculous. These bottles leak all the time and how the hell are you supposed to screw the lid on any differently so they will not leak. They have always leaked and we have just dealt with it because we were gifted 20 of them.

I visited The Right Start today to try to find some Born Free bottles. They didn't have any and the girl working in the store said they can never keep them in stock, they are always sold out etc..

I purchased these Nuby bottles instead, so I guess we will see if the kid likes them. They are supposedly Bisphenal A free (that is what a sign in the store said) and they have a sippy nipple that you can replace the regular nipple with, so this may be the trick to get her off of the bottle, plus they are real cute!

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